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For many years in tourism transportation, every goal achieved has been for us a point to provide improved and up to date services. Our voyage started many years ago, when there were few vehicles, in particular a fleet of 4 busses. Since then JETT has been acting with great determination, along with constant professional fleet renewal.


We now have a fleet reaching over 200 modern and safe buses, provided with all comfort features transporting you to local and international destinations. Our vehicles and buses are entrusted for maintenance and driven by high skilled personnel. The vast choice of vehicles in our fleet allows you to organize both individual and group tours.


JETT has extended its services by offering the latest modern transportation vehicles for distinguished customers. Adding to its fleet, JETT now provides the most comfortable and luxury ride serving the public and tourism transportation sector. The new generation luxury buses have two categories:


Luxury 29 seats to serve one of our main destinations (Amman- Aqaba- Amman).

Luxury 8 seats to serve the VIP tourist such as diplomatic missions, Embassies, Corporate, Government sector and Royal Palace.


The above buses are manufactured in a high standard to reach the highest category of luxury service since it contains:


Dual digital video disc players

Cabin audio system with individual headphone controls at each passenger seats.

Satellite TV connection

Comfortable luxury seats

Monitor in front each and every seat

Service onboard and during the excursion

Choice of choosing your seat, meal and movie

Pick up and drop off limousine transfer to point of embarkation

Using the facility of being in JETT premier lounge



JETT is aiming to contain a variety of different services in order to be a complete tourism transportation operator. Destination accessibility and mobility to and within tourism locations is important to regulate both locals and visitors flow. Meeting the market demand, JETT has developed a convenient and affordable transportation network for travelers.